Conscious Community – Peace Under All Circumstances – Being at Peace During Challenging Times

Conscious Community – Peace Under All Circumstances – Being at Peace During Challenging Times

Conscious Community

Peace Under All Circumstances – Being at Peace During Challenging Times

Monday Night Conscious Community Class April 13th, 2020 with Matthew Brownstein, CIHt


During this time of COVID-19, the deeper spiritual teachings that have influenced this school are more relevant than ever.  One of my books is entitled Peace Under All Circumstances and there has never been a better time to share it than now.

The book is subtitled The 10 Questions, because the questions in the book can be answered in either a way that guides us to peace, or one that guides us to suffering.  Once we know that peace is a choice, we can experience it more and more each day.  True peace is not based upon making the external world perfect, or our bodies, minds and emotions perfect, as those things are always in a state of change.  True peace is to find out who you really are and to realize that you are Peace.

When I wrote my book Peace Under All Circumstances, I realized that many people did not know these very basic teachings as found within all of the world’s great wisdom traditions.  I realized that there were many faulty assumptions which were essentially wrongly answered questions.  For instance, I could mention to you that there is such a thing as COVID-19 and I could ask you if you can handle it?  If you answer, “No, I just cannot handle it,” then you set yourself up for fear, anxiety, panic, sleepless nights and a very scary future.  However, with confidence and conviction, if you just answered, “Yes, I can! I can handle this!” then you would be setting yourself up for so much more peace in your life.

The book’s 10 Questions, when answered properly become a guiding force to align your inner being into a state of True Peace, Love, and Joy.

Peace does not mean that you do not feel your emotions or that your mind is always quiet.  Peace does not mean that your life is always the way that you want it to be.  True peace is much deeper than that and yet, the most important thing is to realize that peace exists and that you can be it, live it and teach it.

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy honors that modalities such as hypnotic programming, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotic Regressions, and so many other fascinating mental technologies can certainly heal the body, mind and emotions, yet even deeper than that is the “Peace that surpasseth all understanding.”  That is either true or it’s not and as I tell my clients, “Just want it to be true.”

I warmly invite you to join me this Monday Night for a Conscious Community Class dedicated to Peace Under All Circumstances during a time when we are all in great need of it.

This Monday Night Conscious Community Class webinars can be accessed on Zoom at 7:00pm EST at https://zoom.us/j/892177484

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Please join us this Monday night at 7:00pm EST,  for a free live Conscious Community Class.

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