Conscious Community – Past-Life Regression

Conscious Community – Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Can you really remember past lives in hypnosis?  Are the memories that people uncover real?  Could this only be a metaphorical journey that relates to one’s present life, and not actual history? Here  we will explore themes of reincarnation, transmigration and the Oversoul, all in relationship to Hypnotherapy and in the exploration of who we really are.

How does Past-Life Regression Therapy help?

Whether the memories are real or not, the stories that unfold are very powerful and give great insight into one’s present circumstances.  The story of the past-life contains crucial beliefs and emotions that affect our everyday lives, offering clues to resolving those limitations through this modality.  Therefore, instead of using Past-Life Regression Therapy to uncover the truth, we could see it as a way to uncover our illusions and then to correct them in the light of Truth.

When we approach Hypnotherapy Training in that way, any modality can be used for great benefit to the client.  Sessions are often very powerful and life-transforming, and because of the spiritual overtones people tend to truly blossom from the insight that is gained.

Can I trust what my subconscious mind tells me?

Yes, in the sense that whatever comes up is valuable to look at.  It is perhaps best to say that we are not in the truth business, rather we are in the business of personal transformation.  Therefore, when a client’s subconscious mind shares information about a “past-life,” we only trust that this is the information that came up.

We do not trust if it is real or imagined, but we trust that there is a reason for that specific information.  The story itself does not matter as much as the mental patterns that are revealed and how we resolve them during good solid Hypnotherapy work.

Do I need specific Hypnotherapy Training to facilitate past-lives?

Yes!  We only teach past-life regression hypnotherapy to our students who have already taken the first 400 hours of our State-Licensed Hypnotherapy training.  Past-lives are not necessarily hard to uncover and facilitate, yet a solid foundation of classical and clinical hypnotherapy makes for much more effective and beneficial sessions.

We include past-life regression hypnotherapy training in our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training and it is only a part of a 100-clock-hour program designed to lead to a successful career in Hypnotherapy and a deep immersion in the spiritual side of our practice.

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