Conscious Community – Healing the Mind, Healing the Body with Hypnotherapy

Conscious Community – Healing the Mind, Healing the Body with Hypnotherapy

Healing the Mind, Healing the Body with Hypnotherapy

Over my 25 years in the field of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training, I have been honored to see just how powerful the mind can be to heal the body.  In coordination with licensed medical and mental health professionals, a well-trained Clinical Hypnotherapist can truly relieve pain and suffering, and the rewards of being of service in this way are truly beyond measure.

*Please note that medical conditions require the referral from a physician, and that these classes always require that all practitioners abide by their respective State’s hypnosis laws.

Healing the Mind to Heal the Body

It is no longer debatable that psychosomatic illness is a reality.  We all understand that the mind can cause ill-health for the body, yet when we go to physicians we seldom get true mental healing.  People go to doctor’s offices with many stress-related illnesses, yet the physician seldom prescribes true remedies for the mind on the mental level.  Usually, people are just given medications that never truly address the root cause of the mental distress in the first place. Because Hypnotherapy is a powerful adjunct to medical care, this Monday Night class is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the mind in healing and how we can get our work in more and more medical settings, while getting more referrals for our own private practices.

Is it Legal to Use Hypnosis for Medical Conditions?

Yes, however many States have their own laws about using hypnosis on medical conditions, while many States have no laws at all.  The general opinion of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is that all Hypnotherapists should abide by Florida Hypnosis Law, regardless of the State that they practice in because the Florida Statutes make it clear that hypnosis for medical conditions should always come with a referral from the patient’s physician.  This is the law and it is important when taking on clients with physical ailments.  Once we know that we are practicing within the law, then we can truly unleash the power of the mind to heal the body.

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