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People are often interested in the power of the mind to heal their bodies and to heal their lives.  They focus on being positive and trying to develop the right mental attitude to bring about success.  They use affirmations, suggestions and positive visualizations, yet they wonder why they do not reach their goals.

Instead of focusing on the positive, Hypnotherapy is excellent at helping us to clear the blocks to that which we want.  Really powerful inner work comes from finding the root cause of our problems and healing them on the level from which they arise.

Unforgiveness lies at the root of virtually all of our problems, so to clear the blocks to the awareness of the love within us becomes the real essence of our work.

Why Forgiveness?

With in-depth Hypnotherapy Training, we realize that our deep inner mind is not at peace.  We discover that trying to relieve symptoms can only provide temporary relief if we do not eliminate the root cause of our problems.  When the mind is at peace, the body tends to follow, yet deep in the subconscious mind we find that we are filled with hurt, sadness, fear, guilt and grief, and yet so few people realize just how destructive these unresolved emotions are to our well-being.  It is okay to have emotions, for that is part of what it means to be human, yet the unresolved negative emotions in our system cause more problems than we think.  When we truly learn to forgive, we release these old patterns and set ourselves and others free.  Peace is health, and we get there through forgiveness.  Is there really any other work more worth doing once we know this?

How does Forgiveness Work Relate to Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is amazing to get us in touch with our subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of our memories, emotions and imagination.  The subconscious is the dynamo that directs the energy of our body, and when it is programmed in a negative way, we get a negative result.  For instance, when the subconscious learns that being angry might get us what we want, then it starts valuing and nourishing anger, even though we try to be positive on the surface.  Anger does not bring us what we want, and by justifying it we are not protecting ourselves, but merely are hurting ourselves.  Once we truly forgive ourselves and all others, then the subconscious can let go of anger, find peace, and restore bodily functioning to optimal.

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