Conscious Community Class

With Matthew J. Brownstein

Join us Monday nights for our free Conscious Community Classes with Matthew J. Brownstein!

Empower Yourself and Others Through the Power of the Mind.

Whether you are a practicing Hypnotherapist or you are still considering this as a career path, there is no better time to learn about how to empower yourself and others through the power of the mind.

In these Monday Night Free Classes we often focus on:

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Interview Series - Matthew Brownstein and Guests

Setting Goals for the New Year

Spiritual Growth and Hypnosis

Life Mastery Hypnotherapy

The Self-Actualization Series

Universal Law Series

The Paranormal Series

A Course in Miracles based Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Religion Series

2020 Conscious Community Classes

2019 Free Hypnotherapy Practice Marketing Training

2018 Conscious Community Classes

Pre-2018 Classes - Interpersonal Hypnotherapy



Restoring the Sacred into Hypnosis

The Business of Hypnotherapy

Success in Hypnotherapy – Prosperity through Mind-Power

History of Hypnotism

Nonordindary States of Consciousness – Exploring the Altered State

Past Life Regression: Truth or Metaphor

Life Between Lives – Exploring Beyond Past-Life Regression

Hypnosis and the After-Life: What can Hypnosis tell us?

Mesmerism and Hypnotism – Exploring Origins and Foundations

Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy Training

Love and Loving Hypnotherapy

Spirit and the Spirit of Hypnotherapy

Classical Hypnotherapy – History and Tradition

Self-Sabotage and the Subconscious Mind

What is Freedom?  Can Hypnotherapy Help?

What can Hypnosis tell us about the After-Life?

What is Love?  Is Hypnosis Love?

Saints, Sages and Hypnotherapy

Spirituality and Hypnotherapy Training

Learn Hypnosis the Interpersonal Way

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Certified Hypnotherapy

The Spirit of True Hypnosis Education (Deepening by Reinduction – Very Relaxing!)

Beyond Hypnotherapy and Intro Your Greatness

Hypnotherapy – Where Spirituality Comes to Life

The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – The Major Distinctions that you Should Know

The History of Hypnosis and How You Can Add To Its Future

Hypnotherapy for Smoking, Weight Loss, and Alcohol Addiction

Hypnotherapy Training for Age Regression

Learn Hypnosis to Help with Pain Management

Non-Verbal Communication and Hypnosis Training

Hypnotherapy Course for Conquering Fear Using Meditation

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Course for Reducing Stress

Thinking About Becoming A Hypnotherapist

The Relationship Between Science, Spirituality and Hypnotherapy

Interpreting Dreams Using Hypnotherapy

Becoming a Hypnotherapist?  What to know about the profession (Bonus Stage Hypnosis Video)

Losing Your Mind with Hypnotherapy

Success in Hypnotherapy Series