Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

CEU : Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


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CEU Credits : 10 Hours

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Instructor : Matthew J. Brownstein, CCHt

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Join Matthew J. Brownstein as we explore The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in relationship to hypnosis, meditation, and the enlightenment process. The Yoga Sutras is an ancient text from the Hindu tradition written by the sage Patanjali. No one knows much about who Patanjali was, yet we are now left with a powerful set of teachings that pave the way to the deepest states of Self-Realization. In this class, we will discuss and engage in:

  • Guided Meditations to support each significant teaching
  • The Nature and Meaning of Yog
  • The Origins of Yog Darshan- The Vision of Oneness
  • The Nature of Aatmaa – The Seer
  • Types of Vrittis – Types of Thoughts
  • Understanding Satchitananda – Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss
  • Ashtang Yog – The Eightfold Path of Yogic Practice
  • Ishwar Pranidhan – The Personal Nature of God in Yogic Practice
  • Stages of Samadhi – Absolute Bliss Consciousness
  • Understanding Yoga Nidra in relation to Samadhi
  • Nirodh and Vyuthaan Vrittis – Turning the Mind Inwards into Pure Consciousness
  • Klist and Aklist Thoughts – Understanding Beneficial and Not-Beneficial Thoughts
  • Klaysh – Why we suffer and the means to be free from suffering
  • Chitt Vrittis – How to Quiet the Mind Properly
  • Siddhis – Yogic Powers
  • Sanyam – Intense Concentrated Power and What to Do with It
  • Purush and Prakriti – The Nature of Self and Universal Life Force Energy
  • Kaivalya Awasthaa – Complete Unexcelled Awakening
  • Yog Darshan – The Vision of Oneness

This class is highly experiential with ample time for meditation. It is designed for beginning and advanced practitioners alike and is intended for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of altered states, progress on the path of enlightenment, and integrate this knowledge into a life of service to others.

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