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Dave Elman and Hypno-Analysis

Dave Elman and Hypno-Analysis To understand the history of hypnosis, we must look at the pioneering works of Dave Elman and understand how many of his methods are used in

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Dr. James Esdaile and Deep Hypnosis

Dr. James Esdaile was a surgeon who trained at the University of Edinburgh and who graduated with his MD in 1829. In 1830, went to India and began his work using hypnosis to help people to experience more comfortable and effective surgeries. At the time, there were no reliable methods of pain relief in India, and chloroform and ether had only recently been used in the practice of medicine.

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What is Somnambulism and Who Discovered it?

When we speak of deep states of hypnosis, we often come across the word somnambulism, which relates to a state of mind where truly unique hypnotic phenomena can be achieved.
This state can cause profound physical and mental relaxation, enhanced memory recall, positive and/or negative hallucinations, powerful catalepsies, and remarkable abilities at pain control.

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Mesmer and the Origins of Hypnosis

Before we had hypnosis, we had Mesmerism, yet what exactly is the difference, and how have things changed from our humble origins from the 1700s? In this blog article, we will explore the pioneering work of Franz Anton Mesmer and why we are not practicing Mesmerism today.

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Why Do We Self-Sabotage and How Can Hypnosis Help

Why Do We Self-Sabotage and How Can Hypnosis Help?

In truth, we all basically want the same things, yet so many of us get in our own way and sabotage our very own highest intentions.  We set goals that we do not reach and we constantly find ourselves being unhappy and miserable for no good reason at all. 

Read more here about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy training can uncover the root cause of self-sabotage and heal it forever.

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How To Leverage the Power of Your Imagination

How To Leverage the Power of Your Imagination

By leveraging the power of your imagination, and more specifically the power of your entire mind, you can truly live the life that you want to live, create success for yourself and your family, and find true purpose and meaning.

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Is Hypnosis The Same As Meditation

Is Hypnosis The Same As Meditation?

When we think of hypnosis, we often think of an altered state where someone is less aware than when in their regular waking consciousness.  However, this is not necessarily true because most people in hypnosis describe a state of expanded awareness where they are internally focused, yet are more aware rather than less aware.

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What Can You Do with a Hypnotherapy Certification

What Can You Do with a Hypnotherapy Certification?

Getting training in hypnosis and a hypnotherapy certification can open many wonderful doors that you might not even be aware of! Graduates can go into full-time or part-time practice, can use the training as an adjunct to existing professions, or can join forces within holistic health, psychology, or other medical, mental health, or dental offices.

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Why We Suffer and How Oneness Consciousness is Key

Why We Suffer and How Oneness Consciousness is Key

When the Buddha became enlightened, he was asked what happened to him.  His simple answer was “I woke up” and it is said that he was completely freed from all suffering.  Is that true?  Can a human being really be free from suffering?

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