Anyone who has been in the field of hypnotherapy has seen the remarkable power of the mind over the body. We have all heard of miracles that occur which are unexplainable based upon modern science’s most current understanding of our world. However there are people who are even suggesting that the mind is so powerful that it can literally change our DNA. Is this true and is there any research to support such claims?

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other living organisms. Our cells contain this DNA where most of it is located in the cell’s nucleus, however relatively small amount is found in the mitochondria. When it is in the nucleus it is called nDNA and when it is in the mitochondria it is called mtDNA.

DNA is the code of life. Its approximately 3 billion base pair sequences give the code for how our body is going to grow and to develop. Even single mutations in a base pair sequences can lead to significant illnesses or deformities. The science of modern genetics continues to work to understand this code and how this understanding can improve our lives.

Understanding DNA is a very complex topic yet simple research shows very promising results of the mind’s power over this level of our anatomy. As reported in Scientific American, Dr. Linda Carlson and her colleagues found that through mindfulness meditation that telomeres (stretches of DNA that cap our chromosomes) are indeed affected. In the same way Dr. Dean Ornish reported increased telomerase activity through lifestyle changes and stress management.

Of course the above mentioned studies are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding DNA, the Psychobiology of Gene Expression, Psychoneurophysiology, and the countless studies on the mind-body connection. We therefore welcome you to share your knowledge and wisdom on this very important topic in our Monday Night Conscious Community Class as we explore how hypnotherapy offers the possibilities of changing our bodies even on the molecular level.