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Being Part of the Solution

Being Part of the Solution

Being Part of the Solution

COVID-19 has changed so much of how we live our lives and it has caused us as a Hypnotherapy School to need to adapt to the times as well.  We have restructured our in-house, hands-on practical hours to ensure that students are safe and in a way that maintains our high educational standards.  More and more people are doing their Hypnotherapy sessions online and we are seeing a lot of good come out of this as well.  We need Interpersonal Hypnotherapists now more than ever to help people to heal from the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on mental/emotional well-being, physical health, and of course for people’s careers and finances.  Please read more to see what IIH has been doing to help you to succeed in the field of Hypnotherapy for the short-term and long-term future.

Adapting Hypnotherapy Training to the Times

As a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School we are not allowed to just move all of our in-house practical hours to an online medium, and we certainly do not want to.  Hypnotherapy students still need to train with other students under direct supervision.  We have therefore booked conference rooms at hotels to ensure adequate social distancing, where our standard is to get 10 feet of space between students.  We book rooms with 100 square feet per student to ensure that students and staff are as safe as possible.  We train our students in how to adapt to doing online sessions while we continue to maintain our high standards of in-house practical hours under direct supervision.

Hypnotherapy Sessions Online

The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy continues to monitor the pulse of how Hypnotherapy sessions are becoming more and more online.  This appears to offer a lot of benefit without any major loss in quality.  Clients can have sessions from the comfort of their own home, they do not have to drive and waste gas, and they can work with any qualified practitioner anywhere in the world.  Likewise, Hypnotherapists get clients from anywhere around the world, can work from their own homes, and can reduce expenses by not having to have an office and the expenses of commuting.  Some graduates still see clients in their offices and we always want to see Hypnotherapy be an in-person face-to-face encounter, yet during these times of social distancing we are seeing a lot of good work coming from the use of video conferencing.

What will Change about Hypnotherapy Training due to COVID-19?

Not much has changed at all. We still offer 70% of our training online just as we have since 2011 and 30% of our training is still done in-person, yet only in bigger rooms to ensure more social distancing.  We still believe in the need for hands-on practical hours and we still work with the Department of Education to ensure our high educational standards.  Current and enrolling students can be assured of our commitment to their education.

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