Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a very powerful way to help to facilitate change in people’s lives.

NLP blends beautifully with a Hypnotherapy practice and it is highly encouraged that all practicing Hypnotherapists enhance their skillsets with both Basic and Master level training and certification in NLP.  Matthew Brownstein has been an NLP practitioner for over 20 years and now trains IIH students, graduates as well as non-students and non-graduates alike in Basic and Master NLP through the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at our Tampa, Florida location.

Our next class still has seats available for February 6th to the 9th.

Click here to register now: https://www.instituteofhypnotherapy.com/course/basic-neuro-linguistic-programming-nlp-certification-in-house-training/

Our next Hypnotherapy Training begins January 28th, 2020 in Florida, Utah and California, click here to learn more:  www.InstituteofHypnotherapy.com

NLP is perhaps best defined as a way of thinking that leaves behind a trail of techniques.  Founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler started finding ways to model human excellence and designed powerful ways of thinking along with countless techniques that help anyone to be their very best selves.  NLP presuppositions acknowledge that if anyone can do something then so can anyone else, however they must align their minds to thinking the way that other successful people do.  In this model, no one is broken and everyone is working just fine.  The problem is that no one really taught us how to use our minds to actualize our full potential.

NLP works with the filters that we all have in our minds.  The first filter is called our First Mental Map.  It acknowledges that we do not experience the world as it really is at all, yet we only perceive what gets filtered through our five senses as interpreted by our brain.  We therefore do not experience the world as it is, but only as we perceive it subjectively.  That information is then processed through our Second Mental Map, which basically consists of all of the concepts that we place upon our perceptions.  For instance, right now you are reading these words, yet really all you are aware of are the electrical signals in your brain which are interpreted to give the molecules which come in through your five senses meaning.

Because we do not see reality but only our own maps of reality, we can change our maps and therefore change our lives and the lives of our clients.  For instance, everyone holds an individual internal self-image.  This image is not who we really are, yet it is our map, or our filter, of who we think we are.  Because we will always live our lives based upon this map, once we are empowered with NLP methods to enhance our internal mental map of ourselves, we change the way to interact with the world and how we thrive within it.  Simply stated, once we change our minds we change our lives.

NLP is a powerful adjunct to any Hypnotherapy practice because it offers a vast range of skillsets that help you to deal with virtually any issue that your client comes to you with.  The more tools we have in our bag of tricks, the better off we are in facilitating change within ourselves and others.  Of course, the additional credentials of Basic and Master NLP practitioner will look great on your bio page, and while more credentials do mean you can charge more money for your time, it really all comes down to being able to help more people because of your greater knowledge, skills and abilities.

To learn more about what is taught in the upcoming February 6th to 9th, 2020 Basic NLP Training with Matthew Brownstein, visit us at https://www.instituteofhypnotherapy.com/course/basic-neuro-linguistic-programming-nlp-certification-in-house-training/.

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