Melonie Walter, Author at Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Training

Hypnotherapist Certification for Stopping Smoking

Most people know that hypnosis can help people to stop smoking, yet not everyone understands the credentialing that is involved in creating a well-trained hypnotherapist.  The power of the subconscious mind is at times awe-inspiring in that a lifelong addiction can oftentimes be done away with within one to three sessions.  How does this work?  Why does this work?  And what qualifications do you need to be able to learn hypnosis properly and to help people to live longer and healthier lives.  Read more here…

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What Our Students Are Saying

I went through the first 300 hours of hypnotherapy training and now I’m in clinical and soon to be in transpersonal. There’s people of all ages who start this so don’t feel like you’re too young or too old. Many people from different backgrounds join the program from doulas/midwives to physicians to psychotherapist to regular people like me. A group of us practice hypnotherapy on our off time out of class to get really good at the techniques. The instructors are very good and went through the same program. I’m lucky to have Matthew Brownstein as one of my two instructors. People come in from out of state to get this training because it’s so in depth.

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