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These teachings are found on our website www.OnlineMonastery.com.  We invite you to check out that site for more details.

Welcome to The Anahat Teachings, as found in the books by Matthew J. Brownstein entitled The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Anahat Meditation System.  This site is devoted to serious spiritual seekers who may feel a strong calling towards a true path of enlightenment and yet who cannot live in a monastic setting.  Anyone can benefit from these teachings from beginners, to lay practitioners, and to true monastics regardless of where they live.

The Anahat Meditation System consists of twelve core meditations and four levels of practice.  Anyone can begin and can start to receive benefits right away, yet those who are serious about learning the system and who wish to get the most benefit out of it will take a minimum of four months to study and practice, yet two years is recommended to fully experience all that this can do for you.

We are here to support any sincere spiritual seeker on his or her path.  We invite you to explore www.OnlineMonastery.com for many invaluable resources for those who are truly serious about self-realization regardless of the path that they walk.

Please explore the About Page to learn more about Matthew J. Brownstein and the origins and journey of The Anahat Meditation System and Anahat Meditation Center.

To enroll in the Anahat Meditation System and it’s Teacher Trainer Course, please visit: https://www.instituteofhypnotherapy.com/anahat-meditation-system-certification-course/

Please note that this is a separate offering from Anahat Education Group.  It is not a required course and it is not a state-licensed hypnotherapy training program.  Due to the nature of the delivery of this course it is non-refundable and is not bound by the hypnotherapy school’s catalog requirements. We offer it here for those who are serious about a powerful meditation practice to supplement their comprehensive state-licensed hypnotherapy training.