In models of health related to the metaphysics of healing, there is a strong belief that sickness is of the mind and does not originate from the body. We are all familiar with the concept of environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses and physical “accidents” that appear to negatively influence our bodies. We also know that we can only do so much when it comes to trying to change our physical world to help to ensure a healthy body and mind. We are however greatly empowered when we turn directly to the mind as a major cause of our dis-ease and as a major cause of our healing.

The body does age. We all know this because we can see the difference between a 10 year-old, a 30 year-old and a 60 year-old person. There are obvious physical changes that occur to the body over its lifetime, yet many of these changes are highly influenced by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and emotionally driven behaviors. Therefore many people experience a decaying of the body rather than a gentle and gradual aging – like a fine wine!

Aging versus decaying is a powerful way to look at how we move through life. In hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training, we have the opportunity to truly explore the root cause of psychosomatic illness and to see why the body responds in ways that are not to our liking. For instance, we can imagine someone who consistently chooses peace and love and what this does to the cells of their body, as opposed to someone who nourishes anger and resentment and what that does to their body. Scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of love upon the molecules and cells of our bodies. Such studies have also shown the devastating effects of hatred, anger and fear.

In Hypnotherapy, we have the ability to light up from within. We can tap into a limitless supply of love, joy and inner peace. We can clear old emotional blocks that have held us back and allow us to become self-effulgent and to glow from within. In this model, we are not victims of our environment or of the physical conditions that we find ourselves in. In this model, we are empowered to change our minds to change our feelings and in so doing, we change the way our cells vibrate within our bodies. Imagine a body of illuminated cells fueled by thoughts of love, joy, peace, purpose and passion – then come and explore with us on our Monday Night Conscious Community Class just how we do this through powerful hypnotic technique!