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starts January 25th, 2023!

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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist

Days Left!


starts January 25th, 2023!

Training Schedules

Get all the information you need about class start dates, practicals dates, and more.

Get Started For Free!

Download our Hypnotherapy Care Package with access to Courses 101-103 at no cost or obligation.


January 25th Enrollment

Location: Online

  • Start Date: 1/25/2023
  • Online Tutorials: Lifetime access

Will you join us? The next hypnotherapy certification class is starting soon and we would love to have you. Click the link below to see the full schedule and learn more about this incredible training.


Our team works exceptionally hard for you.  We know that our style of training you in Hypnotherapy is unique.  We have evolved very advanced distance learning systems to train you to become a Hypnotherapist from the comfort of your own home and/or at training locations near you.

Join us on Wednesday, June 15th at 7:00 pm EST and meet our team, ask your questions, and allow us to excite you about the amazing potential of learning Hypnotherapy from a school that is truly dedicated to your success. You can also give us a call anytime at 800-55-9247 to learn more.


Time: Wednesday, June 15th @ 7 – 9 PM EST
Location: Streaming Live on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn
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Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy®

IIH offers comprehensive career training, granting State-Licensed Diplomas backed by the US Department of Education.  We are licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, offering over 500 hours of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.

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Many ways to learn

Gain Valuable Knowledge

NLP Certification Programs

Basic and Advanced NLP Training with Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer Matthew J. Brownstein. 100 hours of certification training through the IAIH and the Interpersonal NLP Society.

Anahat Meditation System

A profound system of meditation which is found in the books The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Anahat Meditation System by Matthew J. Brownstein. 60 additional clock hours and a lifetime of spiritual unfoldment.

Illuminated Mind® Podcast

Join Matthew J. Brownstein for Anahat Education Group's podcast on spirituality, hypnotherapy, NLP, A Course in Miracles, Metaphysics, and all things involving health, healing, well-being, and personal wholeness.

Meditation Certification

Anahat Education Group

We Offer Ways To Find Purpose In Your Life

Through the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy’s Hypnotherapy Training Programs, we work with the Department of Education to ensure academic and post-graduate excellence.  We are required to track metrics each year and to report them to the State during our annual license renewal. 

Here is just a taste of how we are doing…

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Andrew Green

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I am so thankful that of all the places I could have picked to pursue my certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, that IIH is the one I chose. Because of the outstanding education I received here, I am confident that I will be successful in my Clinical Hypnotherapy practice.”

Phylicia Mason

Phylicia Mason

Orlando, Florida

“I can honestly say that I was impressed and inspired by the depth and quality of the training, as well as the compassion, commitment and caring of all the staff and supervisors, especially Matthew himself. This has been a life-changing, and career-enhancing experience.””

Jane McAfee

Janet McAfee

Tampa, Florida

“Having gone through this training, my life will never be the same again. During my lifetime I have had many able teachers from different countries, yet Matthew and his course have impressed me the most. This knowledge has transformed my life and the life of those who I consult with.”

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Free Conscious Community Recordings

Empower Yourself and Others Through the Power of the Mind! We’re excited to bring you a collection of FREE Conscious Community classes with Matthew Brownstein. This was an extremely popular series and we’ve archived all the classes for you to watch on-demand!

Illuminated Mind® Podcast

Tune in to our podcast Illuminated Mind ® with Matthew J. Brownstein.

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Hypnotherapy Blog

Stay up-to-date with our most relevant hypnotherapy, NLP, and exciting mind/body topics.

Matthew Brownstein

Founder and Executive Director

Matthew J. Brownstein

Matthew is the CEO of Anahat Education Group, Inc., the Executive Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, the President of the IAIH and the founder of OnlineMonastery.com.

Matthew’s journey began in 1996 with a spiritual awakening which led to studies in Religion, Philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Breathwork, A Course in Miracles, and Mind/Body Healing.

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At the heart of the IIH advantage are some of the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy Education Programs in the Country. Our Admissions Department is available from 9 am to 5 pm EST.  You can call us at 1.800.551.9247 or click below to Schedule A Free Consultation.

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