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Hypnosis School - Online Open House

Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Online Open House – June 14th – You’re Invited!

Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Online Open House – You’re Invited! Join us on June 14th, 2021 at 7:00pm EDT to explore how we deliver our training online and in locations near you. This is a great chance to hear presentations from Institute CEO and Founder, Matthew Brownstein, COO and Lead Online Instructor Dani Fox, Admissions Director Monica Watermann, and Student Services Director Christine Bergstrom.

Register For The June 14th Online Open House

NEW! Illuminated Mind Podcast

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Podcast with IIH graduate Corey Benschop, CCHt, which focuses on all of the many themes associated with the school, such as hypnotherapy, spirituality, philosophy, and mind/body healing.

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Attending The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy has been one of the most fulfilling and enlightening experiences of my life. I enrolled at the school having no idea that Matthew Brownstein was going to guide me on a journey through my subconscious that was to alter the way I viewed the events of my life forever.

Sharon Truex

Ocala, Florida

Just wanted to say thanks for the most enlightening six months of my life. Just the growth made it worth twice the price, adding a career helping others for an excellent income to the mix made it beyond any calculable monetary value.

Jeffrey Batchelder

Ocala, Florida

It truly was amazing! I have accomplished a great deal in my life yet going to your institute was one of my best decisions I have ever made! My practice is going very well. I see clients every week either at my work or in my office. It is a very exciting time for me.

Linden Cheney

Wilton Manors, Florida

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Section/Program NameHours per SectionTotal Hours CompletedStyle of Delivery
Introduction to Hypnosis20 Hours20 HoursOnline Only
Hypnotherapist Certification300 Hours300 HoursHybrid
Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification100 Hours400 HoursHybrid
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist100 Hours500 HoursHybrid
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy CEU Certification Course22 Hours522 HoursOnline Only
Multiple Comprehensive CEU Courses8 Hours530+ HoursOnline Only

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