Wednesday Night Webinar: Hypnotherapy Training and The New Thought Movement

Wednesday Night Webinar: Hypnotherapy Training and The New Thought Movement

What is the New Age?  What is The New Thought Movement?  Are they the same or different, and is there merit to either system of thinking?  Perhaps most importantly, in a hypnosis school, we want deal with the question of whether or not Hypnotherapy is considered to be “New Age” or “New Thought,” and is it beneficial for humankind?

Join us this Wednesday Night, March the 14th, as we explore hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy certification and “new” thinking in relationship to ancient wisdom tradition.


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Let’s Begin with Hypnosis
The hypnotic state has been known about for many centuries. In fact, references to the use of this state goes back to ancient “sleep temples” as found in India, Greece and Persia.  People have known about altered states to promote healing and to gain understanding for millennia, yet only in the mid-1700’s did a man named Franz Anton Mesmer (where the term Mesmerism comes from), bring it back into popular culture.  Mesmer, however, was considered to be mistaken in his theories, and his movement fell out of the mainstream and was not accepted by most scientists and psychotherapists.  Eventually a Dr. James Braid coined the term hypnosis, and offered theories that made the entire field of scientific altered state work far more acceptable.

Then Came Hypnotherapy Certifications
Many pioneers since the time of Mesmer and Braid attempted to use the hypnotic state to cause positive change in people’s lives.  In the 1970’s a major push caused the United States Department of Labor to consider the term “Hypnotherapist” to be a valid occupational title.  Since then, only a relatively small number of hypnosis schools have taken the necessary steps to become legitimate career granting schools by becoming licensed and regulated by the Department of Education.  Therefore, not all hypnosis trainings are created equal, even though many arise from the same origins.

Enter the New Age and New Thought Movement
While this is a complicated history as well, the “Father” of the New Thought Movement is often considered to be P.P. Quimby, who was a mesmerist/hypnotist who used the altered state with spiritual overtones to create mental, emotional and physical healing.  Quimby’s healings were often considered miraculous and he drew enough of a following to cause an international sensation.

The New Age itself, and hence the New Age Movement does not necessarily originate from the work of Quimby, yet he certainly was a part of a radically new way of integrating ancient knowledge into modern culture.  The New Age is often associated with fringe discussions of topics such as chakras, yoga, reiki, vegetarianism, crystals and many other popular and not-so-popular methods designed to promote overall well-being and spiritual progress.  Sometimes mainstream religion frowns upon it, yet more and more we find people turning to these paths as they seek a more practical spirituality, and one that is less dogmatic.  Here, hypnotherapy and spirituality, often find a beautiful merging of practical application with heart-felt essence.

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