Wednesday Night Webinar: Learning Hypnosis and Learning Forgiveness

Wednesday Night Webinar: Learning Hypnosis and Learning Forgiveness

To forgive seems like one of the hardest things for so many of us to do.  We have an emotional mind that seems to insist on holding onto past grudges and grievances.  It’s as if we are somehow wired to be right and angry, rather than happy and free.  Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy offer us a way to truly forgive so that our hearts may know happiness and peace?  Join us for a Free Wednesday Night Webinar with Matthew Brownstein at 7:00pm on 3/7/2018 to explore one of the most important topics in hypnotherapy education.


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Why Forgiveness?

When we forgive, we shift something within our minds.  We cannot just use the word and keep the same perspective that we had before.  Something truly needs to shift, and that shift must take place within our hearts, or the goal of forgiveness is not obtained.  For instance, if we want to be at peace with a loved one who hurt us, we cannot just use the word “forgive.”  We must be willing to see things differently, and in the end to feel things differently. Since the subconscious mind is our emotional mind, if we do not allow this shift to occur in the depths of our being, then we could say that the shift never really occurred at all.

We all want peace…

Everyone wants to have a peaceful, happy, loving and open heart.  No one wants to be sad, angry, miserable and depressed.  True forgiveness offers us the ability to shift our minds from misery to joy and from fear to love.  To be at peace, we cannot hold onto the past and think that we can be happy in the present.  Any un-forgiveness acts as a veil to the beauty of the present moment.  Hypnotherapy has the ability to bring past memories to consciousness, and to help us to release what deeper parts of us have been unwilling to let go of.  Our subconscious mind is programmed with a need to be right, yet consciously applied forgiveness formulas can reverse this destructive way of being to promote happiness and health in all levels of our lives.

Every Wednesday Night at 7:00pm EST, Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Founder and Lead Instructor, Matthew Brownstein leads free online classes to introduce students to relevant hypnotherapy training related topics.  Join us at call 800-551-9247 for more information.