Wednesday Night Webinars

Hypnotherapy and the Chakra System

Date: Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 – 7:00pm EST

We will Explore:

  • What are chakras and how hypnotherapy can open them
  • Why chakras close and how hypnotherapy training can reverse this
  • The mysterious power of the chakras for manifesting good into your life.
  • Many of us now know about seven major energy centers that ancient seers have spoken of for thousands of years.  They are said to reside in our “subtle body,” along the cerebral-spinal axis and have very practical, and deeply metaphysical implications for our lives.  Join us for this Wednesdays 7:00pm EST Webinar with Matthew Brownstein as we discuss:
  • What are Chakras?
    Known in Sanskrit as “wheels,” chakras are considered to be vortices of energy that direct life-force up and down the spine.  While not actually physical, chakras do have corresponding physical nerve plexuses in the locations that the ancients ascribed to them. These seven major regions of the human body (physical and subtle) offer keen insight into our physiological and psychological make-up.  The spiritual implications of chakras are profound, as they offer us a road map of the spiritual journey, and the way to clear the blocks to undreamed of possibilities.

How Can Hypnotherapy Open Chakras?
We can see chakras as “valves” that can open and close.  If a chakra truly closed completely, then physical death would occur, therefore, we could more accurately say that chakras get blocked or imbalanced.  When we realize that it is our very own mind and emotions that open and close chakras, we can see how the power of the hypnotic state can change the negative subconscious programming that “closes” these powerful vortices of life-force energy.

The Mysterious Power of the Chakras
Chakras deal with key energies in our lives, such as security, pleasure, personal power, love, expression, vision, and our direct connection to Spirit.  When they are “closed,” we limit ourselves tremendously, yet when in their naturally open state, they serve as magnets to draw beautiful realities effortlessly into our lives.  When all seven chakras are open and clear, through The Law of Attraction, we easily find prosperity in all aspects of our lives comes to us with natural ease.

Join us this Wednesday Night for a Free Hypnotherapy Webinar with Institute Founder and Lead Instructor, Matthew Brownstein, at 7:00pm EST for 1.5 hours of interactive online discussion.

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About Matthew Brownstein

Matthew Brownstein, CIHt has been in the healing arts for over 25 years with a strong focus on Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the work of A Course in Miracles. Matthew is the author of the book Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment.

Matthew Brownstein, CIHt is the CEO of Anahat Education Group, Inc., the Executive Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and the President of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists. Matthew founded the first State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School through the Commission for Independent Education and has been a major innovator and pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy. Matthew is an author, teacher, hypnotherapist and business leader.

His diverse background in the spiritual and healing arts has led him to a successful career as a hypnotherapist and has a hypnotherapy trainer. Matthew has created many master hypnotherapy teachers and has graduated many hundreds of hypnotherapists.