Only Love Hypnotherapy

Only Love Hypnotherapy

There are many intentions available for us to choose from as we embark upon our journey deeper into hypnosis and hypnotherapy certification.  We could focus on behavior modification, healing the body, resolving emotional or relationship difficulties, or we could focus on using such power in ways that are not at all aligned with who we really are.  Our focus on Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is to remind us that, as John Lennon sung so beautifully, “All you need is love.”  Read more about Only Love Hypnotherapy here…


Why Only Love?

People look to hypnosis to resolve their suffering.  They want to be free of some problem that ails them or they want to succeed in other areas of their lives where they experience lack.  Therefore, the client and the certified hypnotherapist may focus on improving only this one issue, yet may never actually think about the root cause of the problems themselves.  What we have discovered is that underneath the majority of human complaints (if not all of them), are unresolved emotions fueled by negative conscious and subconscious thinking.  These issues are generally rooted in fear. As many of us know there are only two emotions: namely, fear and love – and only one of those is real.  By choosing Only Love as the basis of our work, we easily resolve any issue that hypnotherapy is known to work for.  There are thousands of apparent problems and yet, in this model, there is always one solution to be applied to them all.


What about a Solid Education in Hypnotherapy?

Without proper training in proven techniques, then Only Love is not enough.  People who suffer receive a lot of love and care from their friends, family and co-workers.  When people ask for help, other people may do their best to offer help, yet professional facilitation can bring enormous love to proper techniques to provide rapid resolution to human suffering.  We are all in this together, yet without knowing how to solve the problems of the human mind through modalities that work, even our most loving intentions tend to miss the mark.  We must have proper training to combine with a heart that thinks only of compassion, forgiveness, kindness and joy.


Being a Healed Healer…

You, who are on the path of personal growth, will love knowing that you are healed as you help others to heal.  Through certification as an Interpersonal Hypnotherapist, you can have your own career, be your own boss, make your own hours, heal your own heart and the hearts of others, as well as to deepen your own understanding of unconditional love for all beings – and while doing it all as your occupational lifestyle.


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