New Year – New Beginnings Hypnosis

New Year – New Beginnings Hypnosis

Hypnosis gives us the power to change our minds and to change our lives.  Through the power of the subconscious mind, we can set intentions that can truly become realities.  So many people struggle with New Year’s resolutions, yet with hypnosis and hypnosis training, we can align every part of our mind to ensure our success.  Here are three major steps to get your full being onboard to make 2018 great!!!

Understanding the Subconscious Mind for New Year’s Success

Most people understand that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind.  We know that our conscious mind is rational and linear.  It is the voice in our head that does its best to be logical and practical.  It wants success, yet it finds that it struggles with another part known as the subconscious.  This “other part” of us is the dynamo that directs our life-force energy.  It governs emotions, habits and behaviors; and simply stated, it is much more powerful.  When it is not in alignment with our highest intentions, we struggle against our very own selves and wonder why the New Year cannot be different.

Step One:  Get Clear on Your Intentions

The subconscious mind will basically do what we ask of it, yet we need to know what we are encouraging it to do.  Take your time to set believable and realistic goals that are measurable and based upon a certain time frame.  Write these goals down and then prepare to use hypnosis and your hypnosis training to “program” the subconscious mind to make your ideals your reality.

Step Two:  Learn Self-Hypnosis and More Advanced Techniques

The more you know about your “deep inner mind,” and the more you can get it working towards your goals, the better.  Setting intentions and writing down goals is great, yet without the proper skills to change old subconscious programming, we are essentially repeating the same old patterns.  Thorough training in advanced and practical hypnotic technique can make all of the difference in the world.

Step Three:  Clear your Blocks

Regardless of your level of training or certification, you may still fight against yourself if you never do deep inner work that changes old childhood memories, beliefs and emotions.  Hypnotherapy sessions for yourself can have a powerful effect on allowing your hypnotic programming to go in easily and effortlessly. Imagine programming in that you will be at your ideal body weight, yet having a terrified inner child who says that you must keep on the weight to stay protected.  We all do this to some degree.  If you want to be free, then don’t only reprogram your subconscious, but liberate it through the power of hypnotherapy techniques that clear the root cause of deep seated issues.

You have the power to change your mind to change your life. Whether it’s hypnosis training or hypnotherapy sessions, you deserve a new start, a new life, and a prosperous and successful future.  Call us at 800-551-9247.