Get Unstuck and Be Yourself

Get Unstuck and Be Yourself

Hypnotherapy Training, combined with many related powerful modalities, has the potential to radically change your life in extremely positive ways. The joy that comes from living from a free and open heart is priceless. When this is combined with a profession that transforms lives, then a clear path lays before anyone who would dare to set themselves free. Read more here…

Are you Free to be Yourself?
Our subconscious minds are filled with childhood programming that can be very limiting. Once we get a glimpse of our full potential, then we are also forced to look at that which keeps us from rising to our greatness. Through a certification in hypnosis, through a true state-licensed hypnotherapy school, a path unfolds that allows you to be you. In this way, you can think your own thoughts and make your own decisions from a place of clarity, truth and love. Taking the leap to be yourself – to choose what you think, to choose how you feel, and to choose the life you want to live is truly the way of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Why Interpersonal Hypnotherapy as a Path to Freedom?
Relationships are at the heart of all that we do. We do not exist in isolation no, matter how many or how few people are around us. Simply watch your thoughts and you will see how deeply connected your mind is to other people. Freedom is not just for the body, as it is primarily for the mind. Therefore, unforgiven relationships act as a major hindrance to being all that you can be. Through a hypnosis training that is rooted in healing the relationships held deep within the subconscious mind, we can know what it means to walk this earth in peace, freedom and joy. While most people do not realize it, it all starts with forgiveness and that is why we call this Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Only Loving and Harmonious Relationships
Simply set the intention. Set the intention that all your relationships are loving and harmonious. When the intention is set, then the external experience is an inevitable reality. To be truly free, we must be willing to let go of that which no longer serves us. For many, this is a huge change that requires great trust and faith, yet through the path of hypnosis and hypnosis certification, we can learn what it is like to find harmony within ourselves and outside of ourselves. This always involves our connections to others, and therefore it involves how we take care of our own bodies and minds. Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is always about this harmony within yourself and with others – be they near or far.

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