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NEW! Monday Night Webinar: Hypnosis and Out-of-Body Experiences

Can people really leave their physical bodies?  Are Near-Death Experiences real?  Are those who report astral travel experiences merely dreaming, lucid dreaming, making it up, or truly in another location aside from their physical body?  Most importantly, can hypnosis be used to invoke the experience and what would it mean to experience yourself as a spiritual being apart from the physical world?  Join us for this Monday Night Webinar at 7:00pm EST with Matthew Brownstein.

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Loving your Hypnotherapy Certifications – Loving your Life

Love is essential to every human being.  We long for a deep sense of love within our relationships and in all that we do.  We want to love all aspects of our life and paths that open the heart to the essence of love are worth noting for us. 

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